RISE is a dynamic program that promotes transformative teaching and learning. The use of high-impact practices (HIPs) such as undergraduate research opportunities, international, service, and other experiential learning activities adequately prepare our students for careers, graduate study, and global citizenship. Our faculty and staff who teach RISE courses are committed to affording our students experiences in which they can apply knowledge gained in the classroom in a real-world context.

RISE action plan

To our students:

What better ways to demonstrate a well-balanced education and make yourself marketable than by being able to say you have:

  • Traveled abroad or studied away
  • Worked with a neighborhood organization
  • Conducted an internship or field work
  • Worked with a locally based international community
  • Participated in a meaningful research project

The RISE program puts you in a unique position to not only have a better understanding of your own identity and personal growth by way of continued reflection but also enhance your learning and understanding of your local, national, and global surroundings.

To our faculty and staff: Developing a RISE experience demonstrates a commitment to transformative pedagogy and deep learning. Your contributions enhance our undergraduate programs and allow us to assess student learning outcomes and impact. RISE experiences further enhance teaching and learning that occur during formal and traditional classroom work and are therefore of great value to faculty and staff.

Jennifer Thorington-Springer.

Students who graduate from the RISE program are ahead of other students who may only have classroom knowledge. RISE students have the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills in real-world contexts.

Jennifer Thorington Springer

To our community partners and future employers: An essential component of the IUPUI campus strategic plan is to be an anchor institution that contributes to the well-being of the citizens of Indianapolis, the state, and beyond. RISE students are poised to support this campus initiative. Our students develop core competencies, values, and ethics during RISE that prepare them for lifelong success as well as to be highly functioning local citizens. They are ready to make a long-standing impact in our city.

RISE holds benefits and rewards for all of our stakeholders, especially our students to whom we are committed to offering a first-rate balanced education. 

For more information about the RISE program, see our brochures: