Aspiring RISE Scholars

Becoming a RISE Scholar

To become a RISE Scholar, you must complete at least two of the four RISE experiences: research, international, service learning, and experiential learning. Completion of all four RISE experiences is highly encouraged for Honors College students.

Once you have completed two of the four RISE experiences, your status as a RISE Scholar is noted on your transcript and can be added to your resume or CV.

The Perks

What are the benefits of becoming a RISE Scholar? The RISE program puts you in a unique position to not only have a better understanding of your own identity and personal growth by way of continued reflection but also to enhance your learning and understanding of your local, national, and global surroundings.

As you work to become a RISE Scholar, you will gain knowledge and skills that set you apart from your peers. RISE scholarship is a way to gain hands-on experiences before you graduate and enter the job market.

It was a life-changing experience. It was probably one of the best experiences in college.

Ariana Casale | School of Informatics and Computing