Course Development

Developing a RISE Course

RISE courses must be formally identified, and the registrar must be notified of a course being designated as meeting the RISE criteria. On this website, you will find criteria for creating a RISE course, the four categories of RISE, and the process to achieve a RISE designation for your course.

RISE Criteria

For a course to qualify as fulfilling a RISE requirement, it must be credit bearing and include the following elements:

RISE Areas

Steps for Existing Courses

Step 1

Consult the “Criteria for New RISE to the IUPUI Challenge Courses” and contact the appropriate center for consultation related to your course plans. Consider applying for a course development grant. Additional funds or grants may also be available for course development and implementation through the centers noted in other portions of this document.

Step 2

Design your course based on the criteria above, and secure the needed approvals within your unit or school.

Step 3

Have the course approved as a RISE offering through your school’s curriculum mechanism.

Step 4

Secure coding by the registrar for this course to be designated a RISE offering. The coding will notify students in the course catalog that this is a RISE offering and will indicate which of the four categories of RISE the course satisfies. A course section may only count in one category, and the school making the request indicates the category.

Those interested in designating an existing course or revising an existing course to fit a RISE category should notify the registrar that this course has been approved by school faculty as a RISE offering. The requesting school must indicate which of the four categories (R-I-S-E) will be used for this course. The course will be added to the RISE course inventory in the next semester based on schedule build deadlines.

View the RISE designation summary grid

RISE Approval for a New Course

If this is a new course, it needs to go through the new course approval process. The registrar will then need to be notified after the course is approved by using the manner indicated above.